Marohei-cables is a small company specialized in audio cables production with over 30 years of work and experience in high fidelity sound quality reproduction. Shortly, our cables are for real high quality music presentation lovers !

All our products are handmade, because we deeply believe that human hand is a perfect instrument, and there is no better way to produce high quality product that you would like to live with, a long and happy life ! Most of them, about 90% of built in elements in a single cable is only our production and, at the moment we are one of not many companies which in dielectric technology uses the best capillary silk. We also use our own electrolytic purification and deep cryo system.

Basic characteristics of our cables are: natural balance, wide frquency range, optimal dynamics, tone purity and realistic stage. Nothing less,nothing more !

We are using these materials: solid core and litz TMT & UP-OCC 6N 99,999987% single crystal silver, and thermally & mechanically treated ultra high purity copper (TMT copper and silver are product by Marohei) wire. Mulberry silk tubing, P.T.F.E. polyamide braided expandable sleeving.

Our offer is divided in three lines: Signature, Vortex, and Maduro line.

All our cables are passing a finishing phase of sound test in the way that they are coming to the final user partially burned in. An important notice for all series of interconnect cables and speaker cables is that there is needed about 250 hours of playing in order to perform in real light.